2 day Ecotour in Borjomi



Giorgi Xelashvili
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Georgian, English

I live in Rustavi. I love nature and I'm going to establish travel agency, company Med-ex. 

Company's mission: To establish touristic center in Kvemo Kartli region. This center will be connected to whole transcaucasia and will host tourists from all over the world. It will offer tours(adveturous, walking, horse-riding) all around Georgia.

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The company MadX. offers impressive ecotourism in Borjomi.
we give opportunity to our customer to get to know to the Georgia on the sides such as wild nature and its mad experience. they will have chance to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and furthermore feel it with whole essence.
We'll come to your house / hotel, and then start an unforgettable trip, Which will last for two days and each minute will be innovation.
Morning 9 o’clock we'll go from town to Borjomi and Approximately 2 hours after we get closer to Peter's castle, which is one of the featured place.  

Peter's castle

The medieval castle is located on a high rocky mountain, a few kilometers from Borjomi. In the XVI century, after the Ottoman conquest of Tori (a historic region of Georgia), Peter’s Castle was the administrative center of the Ottomans. Currently, the preserved remains of various buildings lie within the fortress walls, including ruins of a residence hall and a wine cellar.
Location: village of Likani
After visiting this wonderful place we will go to the castle and visit the green monastery.

Green Monastery

Built between the 9th-10th centuries, the Chitakhevi Monastery of St. George (the Green Monastery) is nestled in the beautiful Borjomi valley, 13 kilometers from the town of Borjomi. The church is constructed from special stones which have a green coloring to them, with some being darker and some lighter.
 After watching the historical places, it is time to have entertaiment, Rafting on the river Mtkvari. Amazing nature background , With professional people An extreme environment is created. promise of limitless fun.
Next we’re going to see Rabati Castle, this is a fortress in Akhaltsikhe, Georgia. Originally established in the 9th century as the Lomisa Castle, it was completely rebuilt by Ottomans. Most of the surviving buildings date from the 17th and 18th centuries.
According to the Georgian Chronicles the city was established in the 9th century by Guaram Mampal, son of the King of Tao. From the 13th to the end of 14th centuries it was the capital city of Samtskhe-Saatabago, ruled by the Georgian princely family and a ruling dynasty of the Principality of Samtskhe, the House of Jaqeli.
We go to the hotel and taste Georgian traditional dishes. We are waiting for the next day
In the morning, after breakfast we go to the daba dzveli
daba dzveli - Georgia is northwest of Okrop’ilauri and west of Shuakhevi. Village in Shuakhevi municipality, in Shuakhevi community. It is located at 720 meters above sea level. 6 km away from Shuakhevi. According to the 2014 census, 158 people live in the village.
After We will travel by horseback.
The tour will end and we'll be back.

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